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Next Year in Jerusalem... or the White House, depends on who you know...

This morning, while my friends at my neighborhood car repair shop were fixing my car to the tune of several hundred dollars (ugh), I sat in Starbucks with my Sunday New York Times.

My Daddy Always Said There'd Be Days Like This...

Just had a lively dispute on Twitter with a very conservative fella who told me I'm a Marxist because I believe in helping my fellow (wo)man.

He was kinda abrasive and rude (and I'm not gunna lie, I was rude back) but despite being annoyed and wanting to leave the convo, I stayed and chatted.

With plenty of parries and repostes, we tossed 140 characters back and forth. And I am sure he still doesn't like me and frankly, I'm not super thrilled about him but at least it was an intelligent conversation (though I could have done without him calling me all the 'ist' names in the book that he didn't agree with).

Negative Body Image and Greek Life

So many of you know that I am the Chapter Advisor for my sorority at University of Colorado - Boulder.

I really love:
  1. My girls (even though they aren't always nice to me)
  2. My volunteer role (even though it isn't always easy)
  3. My sorority & our international team of volunteers (no even though here...)

What does G-d mean?

A friend just posted on her Facebook a conversation with her almost 3 year old daughter. It went like this -

Kid: What does god mean?
Mom: Love.
Kid: If I wear my purple tights will I look like a dancer?
… I guess I passed lesson one on spirituality 101.

I love this exchange. It really gets to the heart of kids. They have ideas, they want to share ideas, and they want simple answers.