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Remember the Omer!

I really love the Omer... okay, rather, I have a love hate relationship with counting the Omer. I love the spiritual lift I get, but I sometimes get annoyed at one more thing to do before sleep... hence why I need to count the Omer nightly.

Organizing Nerd Alert!

Okay, I must rant for a minute.

So my friend over at CasaCullen has gotten me all inspired to spruce up my wee home. I've enjoyed planning out many projects and (so far) executing a few.

One thing I always go round and round about is organizing my stuff... Shoes, sweaters, clothing, books, movies, etc.

And then I got an email from my heaven/hell... The Container Store.

Protesting with Prayer

A certain so called "church" group was in Denver last weekend. I am not going to mention their name because I do not believe in giving them free publicity to fuel their hate. I was going to go to their protest and all the counter-protests and I was going to video tape it and take pictures for Patheos. And I was going to write about the experience and the hate these people spread. I was really motivated to go and write about it.

Masters Degree and Final Capstone

Hey all -

So I am in the depths of hell that is the research proposal for my Master's Capstone (kinda like a thesis).

My topic revolves around social media measurement. Currently, I am working on the proposal but once I get into the actual paper, I am hoping to reach into my digital network and get advice or opinions from you all.

Some of my twitter followers have expressed and interest in the process and so I will be blogging about it here. If you are interested in following my process, I will be tagging these posts with the tag - Capstone.

If you are not interested... well... sorry. ;) I promise to keep up my odd and varied posting.

Shoes (From

by Talia Davis

I have a closet full of them. Some people don't even think about them. Some people think about them way too much.

Shoes protect our feet, they enable us to go anywhere we want without concern for what the terrain is. We pay a lot of money for very uncomfortable ones, and sometimes our favorites are the ones we have had for years. I feel fortunate I own more than one pair.

Shoes can be easily overlooked.

Not on the bank of the Danube River in Budapest.

Looking for Personal Holocaust Stories

So I recently blogged about my experience with a Holocaust survivor as a 5 year old and that got me (and my mom) thinking...

Since we are sadly losing our connection to this actual survivors, who will tell this story to our children?

I am looking for personal experiences with Holocaust survivors and their impact on you. If you have a story like this or would like to write A FACTUAL account for me, please send me an email at taliashewrote at gmail dot com (put it all together with an @ and a . and there you go)!


Never Again...

I saw this video on Rabbi Brad Hirschfield's blog and it really touched me.

It more than touched me, it had me in tears. What a powerful piece.

The past is getting further and further away...

I remember him so clearly. This older rabbi. Mind you, most of the rabbis in my life are family members but this time it was different. My dad was the rabbi at the Hillel and we were members at Temple Sinai. So for once in my life, "my" rabbi wasn't my dad or grandfather.

This makes me nauseous...

What a horrible human being.

Counting the Omer...

Sometimes it is wicked annoying. One more thing to do at night when I am exhausted. I really just wanna read my (e)book and go to bed. But man oh man... sometimes... who am I kidding, usually the day's Omer is dead on.

Facebook Censorship

I use Facebook daily. In fact, I am on Facebook pretty much all day. That is my job. I post to Facebook for Patheos and I keep my eye out for best practices and new ideas.

Challah Baby... an update

Okay, first of all, if you haven't read Challah Baby (the original) I highly recommend reading it first. Life will make a lot more sense... trust me.

It's okay... we'll wait.