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Sherlock Holmes Trailer (w/ Robert Downey Jr?!?!)

Okay folks... watch this before you read my blog (but keep reading... please!)


So if you have ever read any of my blogs, you know I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan. I like him because he is flawed. He isn't all brawn and no brains. He loves to engage is mental gymnastics and can spend hours sitting in a chair thinking with his eyes closed before taking action. And yes, I know what you are going to say ... he's a boxer, he's hyper, he has ADD sometimes and yes, he does... but never once did Doyle write a scene where he was boxing or engaging in that type of physical behavior (I believe, I haven't researched this). He eluded to it... but never was Holmes interrupted in the middle of a boxing session. Knowing about that time period, I am inclined to say that Doyle wrote the boxing in to "place" Holmes in society. That was something that gentlemen did. They went to Gentleman Jacks to box. Nothing that I have ever read (and I have read most everything on Holmes) has given me the impression that he was an "action hero."

This new film (and only judging based on the trailer) seems to be an Americanized action flick with a predictable format that they decided to name Sherlock Holmes. I had my doubts from the start. The best Holmes-ian productions have been British. And hey, not discriminating here... I'm American but Doyle was British, Holmes & Watson were... Americans may have a hard time enjoying the subtly of the British humor and what not but an Americanized, cowboy-esq, action hero Holmes doesn't sit right with me.

Needless to say, I will see the film and let you know what I think but ... ... ... ... right now, I'm not sold...

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I'm torn...I may have to see it with a mind to completely disconnect from the literary characters and true Doyle presentation simply because it looks entertaining. That, and I'm a huge RDJ fan. Film makers rarely get the book right, no matter the genre, which makes it incredibly difficult to buy in to the movie version of the books...words, images, characters, stories...that I'm passionate about. I definitely support your hesitation!

I like this. This is a comment from my friend Chris - "It looks like a Sherlock Holmes movie for people who think international travel is a Carnival Cruise."


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