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Bathroom Habits... RESULTS!

Thanks to everyone who took my bathroom habits survey. I was bummed that I didn't get more of a response but here is the data...

empty bathroom by limonada.Demographics -
54 respondents

70% were women
30% were men

76% were between 19 - 29
22% were between 30 - 39
2% were between 40 - 49

40% from the Southeast
35% from the Central US (Colorado, Kansas, etc)
11% from the Southwest
7% from the Northeast
4% from the Mid-west
4% from the Northwest

Bathroom habits -
When asked what stall you go to, it was an even split between the first, middle, and last, as well as other. Some responses were -
"Disabled/handicap stall"
"Closest one to a solid wall"
"At least one away from other people"
"The one where the door swings out"
and the best of the group - "There are elaborate man rules about this"

When asked about a bathroom you frequent (i.e. work) a trend did emerge. 69% of respondents always tried to use the same stall every time. As one person put it, "there's no place like home."

This survey also dispelled a rumor about stall selection when others are in the bathroom. There was a pretty even split here too.
39% said they skipped one stall
33% said "who cares, I have to pee!"
28% said they pick the furthest from being occupied.
Responses? "Cleanest always wins!" "I'm a guy, so it all depends. #1, skip a stall. #2, find another bathroom or wait until later. I'm not pooping next to anyone."

public bathroom by herbstkind.The next question asked for their response on the question "why do you pick the stall you pick."
  • "Handicap stalls usually have more room to maneuver, are more private, and have taller toilets"
  • "i pick the ones with the best doors"
  • "I've heard that people tend to use the middle or last stalls most often; therefore, the first stall is usually cleaner. Also, I've noticed that people usually don't go for the first stall, so it's kind of like an act of bravery to go into the first one."
  • "Don't want to be too close to 'my neighbor's' sound effects :)"
  • "I've always thought (for no rational reason) that the ones closest to the door are the least I use those"
  • "It's a combination of I feel tall at the little urinal and I feel its always cleaner"
  • "Generally because somebody is always in the first stall, or the first stall is usually clogged. Odd but true."
  • And the ever useful - "Just cause"

We also asked - "Do you take longer to "finish up" if someone else is in the bathroom to avoid seeing people?"
46% said yes!
35% said no
and 20% said other
"Yes, at work, because there aren't separate staff stalls and I don't want to run into patrons."
and "It depends. Public restroom I take longer. A more familiar restroom (like work), I might try to finish sooner to see who it is I can talk to for a few minutes."

Lastly, I asked the age old question... did you wash your hands! :) I don't know that people were entirely honest but I hope so, because that means we have some clean people out there!!
57% said all the time
24% said 75% of the time
15% said 50% of the time
4% said 25% of the time
and no one said never... whew!
Some responses -
"3 A.M. not so much -- too sleepy"
"sometimes at home I just do a quick pee and have to run. always in public because i have been near other people"
"Always in a public restroom"
"But I don't always use soap (I have very sensitive skin, so I can't use some of the cheap bathroom soaps without my hands turning bright red and itchy.) Sometimes I just rinse, dry and use hand sanitizer later."
"110%, and use a paper towel to open the door."
"Always when in public, rarely at home."

Very interesting responses. It has showed me that we all have a lot of unsubstantiated ideas about the restroom and the first stall may not always be cleaner... since we all saw that news report that it is less used. :) And a lot of people don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom at home... interesting.

Thanks for playing along kids!

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